5 Card Tarot Reading.

$1.70/per min $35.00/per text

5 Card Tarot Reading.

Ext. 0292


This is simply a 5 card reading.
Just so you have it handy, here is my
Paid By The Minute phone number;
866 - 923 - 8423 at extension 0292
for Tarot readings.
(I am testing out the text feature during July 2018.)
Very simply, I spread the cards and tell you what my intuition says.
If you are looking for fluff or pie in the sky, I am not the tarot reader for you!
What I will do is help you closely examine the things that concern you.
Go ahead and text me at the number listed on this site.
At this time, I am here when I am here.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
My average turn around time is;
12 hours to 48 hours.

Status Knowledgeable
Category Tarot


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