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Addiction Check In Buddy

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Hello my name is Daya and I am an addict/alcholic. I have dedicated my day to helping addicts along their healing path. I myself used a check "Buddy Check in System". This is a system to help support the daily struggles.
Sometime we just cant make it to a meeting and we just need to connect with who gets it and wouldn't judge us or start rumors. Trust me I know being in the social circles of AA and NA how sometimes that can end up with varies related issues accuring and people not being able to fully open up at the meetings. Dont get me wrong I love my meeting but I get it.
I want to be part of your support system. I'm not a sponsor I'm just another recovering addict trying to help another recovering addict talk to and check in with daily about the days events and feelings you have. I'm here to help others stay connected.

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