"dirty Harry" Will Help You To Deal With Your Man

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"dirty Harry" Will Help You To Deal With Your Man

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I listen to women describe their issues with their spouse. He is not making enough money. He has no career direction. You suspect him of cheating. He's not satisfying you in bed. He watches porn. He's got what seems to you to be strange kinks. or maybe you have strange kinks and you're looking for a way to tell him and still seem like a "lady".

I've worked as a human resources manager, criminal defence lawyer and I've worked for a good while in sales. I've had my own kinks and use to love watching porn. I don't pretend to be an expert or to boast of certifications that make me "all knowing". But I do have experience being a "good listener" and most people feel at ease talking to me. And if you are talking to me and you get the urge to see me face to face, I'll give you a web cam chat free for 15 minutes for every 60 minutes that you have spoken to me.

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