Finacinal Mistress

$70.00/per min

Finacinal Mistress

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Financial Money Mistress
$laves! When I Get Through With You I Will Have Your Mind On This Crazy downward spiral.”
I,m Good That I,m Oh So Freaking Bad I,m Engineered To rising You Up And Make You Fall Elevation is destiny I Am The the architect Of Recovery I Will Run Your Mind Into F$#$%uckable Circles I Will Absolutely Mind-F-You And Mess Up Your Head Recovering Over Me Is Not An Option So If You, re Greatly Intent On Seizing This Sweetly Bold Opportunity.”
Come To Me I-Dare-You! You Will Never See Me Coming You can’t see it with the human eye, but I, ll Show You When I Make You Pour Out And Rain.”
Insurance With Me You, re My Money In The Bank. Confident that,s Me And What I Can So Very Well Is Rebuild You From The Nuts Up So You Want To Be Fortunate: And: Financially: $trong To Play This Game I Say Bring -It-On I,m A Winner I,m All Certified “Platinum”
In The End, You Will Do All---I $ay

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