Help With Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One.

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Help With Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One.

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When it comes to grief and loss I have many life experiences that pertain to it. Briefly describing my experience i lost my mother at 17 to cancer and my father the cancer at 21. I've also lost 2 good friends of mine to suicide as well. I witnessed a very traumatic event that I will never forget or unsee wether my eyes are open or closed and these are the factors on why I would be more than willing and honored to help someone else that is suffering with grief and loss. I know the feeling all to well and to help someone understand and have someone else's input and advice on what they are going through would be a wonderful feeling for me to know that I made a difference in someone else's life. I'm a very understanding person and I'm a good listener and would love to help so please don't hesitate and get a hold of me so I can help.

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