Just Some Couseling Guideline

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Just Some Couseling Guideline

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Just some life guidance back to sanity & academic comprehension of curricular magnitude. It is expensive prices but other churches & organizations & colleges charge much more to teaching bullshit even & they just rip you off. Just about 15 - 20 minutes or messages. Just about around $1,000 - $1,500. I should be asking much more, I've seen a guy charge $3,000 for YEARLY membership! I don't need long book to read from. I don't need years. I just take a few minutes. I don't need an hour of church & long church sessions or history courses in college. I WISH to charge like 25,000. haha. so much. At least around 5,000 =/ Especially cuz I have such bills & problems & everyone I've ever met's been dicks to me & people are bad & dicks all over, so most don't deserve it =/ But whatever though. You don't have to call or text or anything. Your choice. I promise I'm legit. Well whatever man!

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