Help! I created a listing but it's still not showing up?  How do I fix this?


No worries! Just make sure you’ve completed the checklist below and your listing should be live and ready to receive calls.


1. Activate your account:  After you register for an account, our system will send you a ‘Welcome’ email. Select the ‘activate account’ button. If you don’t see it show up in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk folder and look for the same activation button.

2. Get Free Subscription You will not be able to publish your listing without a subscription.  You can always start with our ‘free’ subscription option and upgrade as your business grows.

3. Create and publish listing:  Make sure you have the following criteria: a headline, category, description, price, location, status and photo.  Then press Publish!

Note: You cannot publish a listing without a photo.

4. Verify account and get paid: Get automatically paid for your calls while keeping track of every transaction record in your call log.


Once you have completed these steps you can start receiving calls and getting paid. 

Note:  You can still receive calls and collect payments while your account is being verified.