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Advisor - A member thats gets paid a per-minute fee for giving advice to PaidByTheMinute callers.

Caller - A PaidByTheMinute user who places a call to an advisor.

Listing - A (pay-per-call) listing is created by an advisor to establish a PaidByTheMinute phone line.

Rate Per Minute - Deducted from the caller’s account, and is the amount that is deducted per minute for the advisor’s time.  

Call Now Button - When this button is pressed, the calling process is initiated and connects the caller with the advisor.

Gold Call Now Backlink Button - A feature for advisors to post their ‘Call Now’ button on websites (other than PaidByTheMinute) that links back to your personal listing or profile page.

Call Log - A list of all calls that you receive along with  timestamps and dollar amount earned.

Publish - This feature activates your pay-per-call listing, where it is live to the public, and also means that you can now receive phone calls. 

Featured - This term applies to your listing(s) and is distinguished by a red per-minute label instead of a blue one. When listings are labeled as ‘featured,’ they  are spotlighted on our Home page in rotating blocks for maximum visibility, alternating with every screen refresh.

On Top - This feature places your listing at the top of the PaidByTheMinute search directory.

PBTM - Abbreviation for PaidByTheMintue

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