To publish a listing on PaidByTheMinute requires a subscription plan.  Below is a detailed descriptions for each plan we offer from Free to Enterprise:

Free Plan

The Perfect Starting Point for Casual Advisors

The Free Plan is designed for those just beginning their journey as advisors or those who want to test the waters without any financial commitment. This plan provides the essential tools to get started and begin connecting with clients.

- 5 Listings: Create up to 5 different listings to showcase your advisory services.
- 3 Pictures per Listing: Upload up to 3 images per listing to attract more clients.
- 2 Listings Featured On Top: Highlight 2 of your listings at the top of the directory to increase visibility.
- 1 Featured Listing: Gain additional exposure for one of your listings by featuring it prominently on the homepage.

This plan offers a risk-free opportunity to explore the platform and start building your client base.

TIP: To get the most out of the Free Plan we recommend creating the maximum amount of listings in different categories for maximum visibility.


Plus Plan

Enhance Your Visibility and Expand Your Reach

Stepping up from the Free Plan, the Plus Plan is ideal for advisors aiming to enhance their visibility and attract a broader audience. With more listings and promotional opportunities, this plan is designed to help you stand out.

- 10 Listings: Expand your offerings with up to 10 listings.
- 5 Pictures per Listing: Showcase your services more effectively with up to 5 images per listing.
- 5 Listings Featured On Top: Increase the chances of being noticed by featuring up to 5 listings at the top of the directory.
- 3 Featured Listings: Promote 3 of your listings to gain higher exposure.
- Monthly Advisor Spotlight Placement: Get featured in the monthly advisor spotlight newsletter that gets sent to all of our members around the world to attract more clients.
- 1 Rotating Footer Banner: Promote your services with a 360 X 45 rotating banner in the footer section of the site (look at the bottom of this page, that could be your ad).
- 7 Trial Days: Enjoy a 7-day free trial to experience the benefits of the Plus Plan.

This plan offers enhanced promotional tools to help you reach more clients and grow your advisory business.

TIP: To get the most out of the Plus Plan we recommend creating detailed content with great images in your listings, your footer banner will be created based on your listings.


Pro Plan

Professional Tools for Serious Advisors

Note: Advisors outside of the United States (+1 Area Code) must have a Pro Plan to make and receive calls.

The Pro Plan is tailored for professional advisors who need robust tools to manage and promote their services effectively. This plan offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance your online presence and streamline your advisory operations.

- 20 Listings: Broaden your service portfolio with up to 20 listings.
- 10 Pictures per Listing: Provide a detailed view of your offerings with up to 10 images per listing.
- 10 Listings Featured On Top: Maximize visibility for up to 10 listings by featuring them at the top of the directory.
- 5 Featured Listings: Highlight up to 5 listings for increased client engagement.
- Publishing Assistance: Receive help with publishing your listings to ensure they are optimized for visibility or take advantage of our DFY (done for you) service and we'll create all your listings for you.
- Advisor Spotlight Placement: Gain attention with featured placements in the advisor spotlight.
- 2 Rotating Banners (Directory Page and Footer): Utilize 2 rotating banners (see below) on the directory page and footer to promote your services.
- Free U.S. Phone Number for International Advisors: Advisors outside of the U.S. get a free U.S. phone number to make and receive calls around the world.
- 10 Trial Days: Experience the benefits of the Pro Plan with a 10-day free trial.

The Pro Plan offers advanced promotional and operational tools, making it easier to manage a growing advisory business.

PRO TIP: To get the most out of all the plans above we recommend creating the maximum amount of listings per plan for maximum visibility.


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Startup Plan

Comprehensive Solutions for Growing Advisors

The Startup Plan is designed for advisors who want a blend of professional tools and personalized branding options. This plan combines all the features of the Pro and Plus plans, with additional enhancements to elevate your online presence and brand.

- 30 Listings: Expand your services with up to 30 listings.
- 20 Pictures per Listing: Offer a detailed and engaging view of your services with up to 20 images per listing.
- 20 Listings Featured On Top: Increase the prominence of up to 20 listings by featuring them at the top.
- 10 Featured Listings: Promote up to 10 listings on  the homepage for maximum client engagement.
- Custom .com Domain Name: Enhance your brand with a custom .com domain name that directs to your profile.
- Animated .gif Banner Blast: Attract attention with animated .gif banners.
- Includes Everything in Pro and Plus Plan: Benefit from all the features of both the Pro and Plus plans.

The Startup Plan offers a powerful combination of features for advisors ready to build a strong brand and expand their reach.


Premium Plan

Unlimited Possibilities for Premium Advisors

The Premium Plan is for advisors who want to leverage the full potential of the platform with unlimited access and premium promotional support. This plan provides the highest level of features and services to ensure maximum visibility and client engagement.

- Unlimited Listings: Offer as many services as you want without any limitations.
- Unlimited Pictures per Listing: Showcase your services comprehensively with unlimited images.
- Unlimited Featured/On Top Listings: Feature any number of listings at the top and highlight them for increased exposure.
- Custom .com Domain: Maintain a professional image with a custom .com domain that directs to your profile.
- Google Ads Management: Benefit from managed Google Ads campaigns to attract more clients.

The Premium Plan offers unparalleled promotional support and flexibility, making it ideal for advisors looking to maximize their online presence and client base.


Enterprise Plan

The Ultimate Partnership for Leading Advisors 

The Enterprise Plan is the most comprehensive plan, offering everything from all previous plans plus exclusive features designed for advisors who want to fully integrate their services with advanced marketing and branding tools.

- All-inclusive Features: Access all features from the Free, Plus, Pro, Startup, and Premium plans.
- Google and Facebook Ads Management: Take advantage of managed advertising campaigns on both Google and Facebook.
- Custom Domain Name and Web Page: Get a personalized domain and a web page connected to your affiliate link (see HiringPhoneOperators*).
- **Gold Bar Interception: Utilize advanced promotional techniques like Gold Bar Interception.
- Business Cards: Receive professional business cards to enhance your offline marketing efforts.

The Enterprise Plan is designed for advisors who seek a full-fledged partnership with PaidByTheMinute, leveraging top-tier marketing and branding tools to lead their advisory services to new heights.

*HiringPhoneOperators is one of our biggest Enterprise partners with thousands of advisors in their system. This site was created and managed for our Enterprise member by PBTM and we can do the same for you and your business.

**Gold Bar Interception: The "Gold Bar" on the homepage of PBTM is one of the most highly coveted sections on the website that was designed for special announcements.  With the Enterprise plan we direct a portion of this traffic to your affiliate link to bring you more organic advisors to your business.

This is the ultimate "done for you" business where we register and manage your domain name, create and host your webpage and direct it to your affiliate link and you use the PBTM infrastructure, pay-per-call technology and affiliate management system to earn passive income.  We even pay your advisors for you and send out all tax related documents. Get started today!